At Blidworth Wireless, we are committed to providing fibre broadband to the rural villages of North Nottinghamshire!

We get countless questions daily asking about how we do it, and the answer is quite simple. We use enterprise-grade wireless beam antennas to send the internet across the air. You may wonder how fast can you actually send over wireless, and at the moment we have over 1Gbps being broadcasted out across a 5 mile radius from our core.

Internet Packages


Our basic package comes with 20Mbps speeds; perfect for basic browsing, light high-definition video streaming and keeping a small home connected.


Perfect for keeping larger families connected at once. Easily stream HD content on multiple devices, or watch your favourite 4K content with the whole family.


Great for business and home offices. Perfect for streaming HD & 4K streaming, downloading large files from the cloud, and hosting online Zoom meetings.